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Michigan's first facility dedicated to parkour and freerunning.

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12936 Farmington Rd. Livonia MI 48150


Phoenix Freerunning Academy

Phoenix Freerunning Academy is a training facility for all aspects of movement, specializing in parkour and freerunning. We offer a variety of classes, workshops and other events for both youth and adults of all skill levels (ages 5-55). Based out of Livonia, Michigan, Phoenix Freerunning Academy is the only gym designed specifically for parkour and freerunning in the entire state! The Academy was founded in 2015 and is run by Phoenix's very own pro-team consisting of several professional traceurs who have been working together and teaching the discipline since 2012. It is our goal to help educate, promote and unify the parkour and freerunning communities of Michigan and to teach both children and adults how to practice the growing sport of parkour in a fun and safe manner. Train hard, train safe, but above all, never stop moving!


Offering a wide assortment of services, Phoenix Freerunning Academy is your destination to learn and advance your parkour and freerunning skills.

Group Classes

Beginner and Intermediate classes are available in a group setting for both youth and adult classes

Open Gym

An open environment to put your skills to the test, and pushing yourself to a new level of training

Private Lessons

Sign up for a 1-on-1 lesson for a more personal experience with a qualified trainer


Single Session, bootcamp style crash courses are available as scheduled as well as for private groups

Birthday Parties

Private party packages are available upon request

Homeschool Program

Parkour classes and lessons for homeschool students

Book A Birthday Party!

$245 for 1 hour 45 minutes for up to 15 participants (with just $10 per participant after that).

The package includes: Fifty five minutes of basic instruction plus games. Twenty five minutes of warped wall training or parkour tag or open gym, depending on the groups preference. Twenty five minutes in our viewing room for pizza and water (which we will provide). Please call to book your party approximately one month in advance and put $100 down to reserve your date/time.


Our brand new facility is built with training in mind. From the basics, to the more advanced, there's something for everyone.

Spring Floor
Spring Floor
Warped Wall
Warped Wall
Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks
Foam Pit
Foam Pit
The Bars
The Bars
The Gym
The Gym


If it is your first time attending ANY Phoenix Freerunning Academy OPEN GYM session and you have not taken a class through us, you MUST attend a one-time, 15-minute safety lesson that will cost just $5. This is to ensure safe practices during your training session with us.

Monthly Membership Plans
Plan Includes All Prices
Monthly Membership Plans
4 Week Class Membership Includes one (either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) 4-week class plus SIX open gym sessions per month. Buy Youth Package $95
Buy Adult Package $95
Buy Advanced Package $95
8 Week Class Membership Includes one (either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) 8-week class, plus SIX open gym sessions per month. Buy Youth Package $180
Buy Adult Package $180
Buy Advanced Package $180
Open Gym Membership Includes all designated Open Gym sessions for the month. Buy Youth Package $90
Buy Adult Package $60
Ultimate Phoenix Membership Includes all age appropriate events, classes, and open gym sessions. Ultimate Youth Package $180 Ultimate Adult Package $180
Other Prices
Plan Includes Price
Other Prices
One-hour Class Individual, one hour drop-in class without membership. $25
Exam Class exams $10
Private Lesson Private 1-on-1 training $30 per half-hour
Semi-Private Lesson Private training, up to 4 students. • 2 Students: $30 each per half-hour
• 3 Students: $25 each per half-hour
• 4 Students: $20 each per half-hour
Birthday Party Up to 15 participants. Includes instruction, open gym, and party time. $245 (+$10 per additional participant)
Gym Rental Rent out our gym for a private event.
Up to 15 participants
• One Hour: $200
• Two Hours: $300


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12936 Farmington Rd
Livonia MI 48150

(734) 744-6220
Calls only answered during open business hours

Want to advertise your business with us?
You can display your business name and logo on one of our obstacles!
In our gym, our members used to refer to each obstacle by what was painted on it. For example, a box with a portal painted on it became known as the portal box!
Since repainting our gym to solid colors, we no longer have names to reference each obstacle. You can take advantage of this opportunity and get people talking about your business every time they train!
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